Financial Success for the Rest of Us – Ten Proven Steps to Master Your Finances and Reach Your Goals, by Tony Raygoza, can help you achieve what few people ever do – True Financial Success.

Without gimmicks or risky strategies, this book provides a comprehensive, yet easy to implement financial program that can help you to significantly improve your financial situation by showing you how to expertly accumulate, manage and invest your money.

Financial Success for the Rest of Us is unique. It is concise and more practical than other books in its category, yet it provides complete step-by-step guidance on all important aspects of managing and investing money, and it is written in a manner that is easy to read, understand and implement.

Through this book, Tony Raygoza provides the real-world financial knowledge that our educational system fails to provide. If you are serious about becoming financially secure, and achieving your goals, you must read Financial Success for the Rest of Us. It may be the best investment that you ever make!


What the Experts say about this Book


‘My 2008 book, The Ten Roads to Riches, defines and details the 10 basic ways people can methodically get wealthy. Tony Raygoza’s new book gives the layperson ten ‘proven steps’ down one of those roads—the one I call The Road More Traveled—which is how to be thrifty, save, and invest well, the most common way people get wealthy. Young people thinking of their future should be sure to read Tony’s book, because what Tony offers really has time on its side for them.’


-Ken Fisher, Founder and CEO, Fisher Investments, New York Times Bestselling author and Forbes’ Portfolio Strategy Columnist



‘There’s much to learn about the world of personal finance, and this book covers many of the basics in a sensible, straightforward way. Heeding its advice can improve your financial condition considerably.’


-The Motley Fool



‘Achieving financial success requires two primary steps:


1. Make money


2. Proficiently manage and invest your money


Our schools fail at teaching step two. This book can help you achieve financial success by enabling you to master step two.’


-Tony Raygoza